Not wanting to get stuck in a rut and coast into middle age, I decided to try at least fifty new things in 12 months – it was such good fun that I am going to keep going and say Yes to more new experiences !

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

29. Fractured Toe

These 50 new experiences were supposed to be fun and interesting, but I have just broken my first bone, so I suppose that counts!

I stubbed my little toe on my right foot coming out of my craft room on Saturday and I think it must be fractured. After 3 days, the swelling and bruise has gone down, but it still hurts and I can't get most of my shoes on. According to NHS direct, there is nothing you can do apart from rest it and wait for it to heal - not worth going to the doctors or A&E .

I won't bother to put a photo of the toe up, as there is nothing much to see, but I am walking with a bit of a limp!

PS the greyhound came in 4th.

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