Not wanting to get stuck in a rut and coast into middle age, I decided to try at least fifty new things in 12 months – it was such good fun that I am going to keep going and say Yes to more new experiences !

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

42. Watch The Jersey Boys!

This is something Mum, Sharon and I wanted to do whilst in New York last September, but we couldn't get tickets for the Broadway show.

However, Sharon found a good deal on a theatre break in London, so last weekend we all went to finally see The Jersey Boys. 

What a great show with fascinating story and all the famous hits from Franki Valli & The Four Seasons to sing along too!

Monday, 22 June 2015

41. Visited The Tate Britain

Yes, I confess that I have never visited any of the Tate galleries before, but today Sharon, Mum, Irene and myself went and visited the Tate Britain on Millbank in London. 

The galleries are arranged in decades which gives an interesting perspective on contempory artworks through the ages. I now realise how much I like the Pre-Raphaelite style paintings such as the Lady of Shalott!

A word of warning - don't have the Gooseberry, Elderflower and Lemon smoothie in the cafe, it's far too sharp!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

40. The 9/11 Memorial & Museum

A very sobering but interesting experience. 

It is situated deep underground  with 2 main rooms under the memorial pools. The first is dedicated to all the people who lost their lives - with walls of their photographs and a place where individual names and details are read out on a continous loop. There are a few personal artifacts there, including a wallet from a British man that contained his Sainsbury reward card!

The second room has a timeline of how the attacks unfolded from the first breaking newscast and includes details of the phone calls made by people in the hijacked aircraft. There are also items recovered from the area such as burnt sheets of paper, melted telephones and seat belts from the plane. There is an section on the terrorists and the political situation as well. Not surprisingly, no photos are allowed to be taken in these areas.
However, you could take photos in the surrounding areas - this is the front of a fire engine crushed when the tower came down.

This is the last remaining column that was removed from the site and is covered in badges and details of the Police and Fire agencies involved in the clearance of the rubble.

There are other interesting items too, such as this old motorcycle that was bought by a fireman but who never lived to restore it. Instead it was restored by his colleagues in memory of him and his other officers who died from that station.

A piece of the aerial that was on the top of the towers. We spent over 2 hours there and would recommend it to anyone who gets a chance to visit.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

39. Visit Macy's

 This is something we never got the chance to do last visit, as we ran out of time - so I made sure that a trip to New York's biggest department store was fitted in this time!

Helpfully, any out of state visitors can get a 10% discount card for their purchases, so I picked one up. The shop is huge and we only wandered through the ground floor and didn't get a chance to see the other 10 levels!

I did manage to pick up 2 pairs of earrings which were in the sales and then had the extra 10% knocked off - bargain!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

38. Appeared on a billboard on Times Square

Yes, if you look closely enough, you might be able to spot me on the left hand side of these photos of the large electronic Revlon billboard on Times Square in New York!

And on the photo below Steven and I are both in the top left hand corner of the shot!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

37. The Statue of Liberty

On this trip to New York I braved my fear of boat trips and went on a ferry trip around the Statue of Liberty - and it was well worth it!

Not only do you get close up views of this impressive statue, but you also get some amazing views of the Manhatten skyline too!