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Saturday, 1 October 2016

And Jinny Makes 3!

Since our old tabby Pangur was put down earlier this year, we wanted another cat - but decided to wait until after our holiday before looking around.

There seem to be so many pairs of cats who wanted to be adopted together, but we could only have one. We wanted an affection cat - not a kitten, but a cat that had developed its personality. As we already have one timid cat, we didn't want another shy one.

So we have ended up with Jinny  - she is around 7/8 months old and came from Suffolk Animal Rescue. 

She is very lively and very nosy! She loves looking out of the window at the birds on the roof opposite.  Despite us buying a new cosy cat bed, she prefers to sleep in the washing basket.

We would like to change her name, but so far haven't come up with one that suits her.

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