Not wanting to get stuck in a rut and coast into middle age, I decided to try at least fifty new things in 12 months – it was such good fun that I am going to keep going and say Yes to more new experiences !

Saturday, 25 July 2015

47. Learn to Crochet

Last night I went round Laura's and she taught me to crochet - and believe me, it is a bit harder than it looks!

She made it look so easy as she demonstrated the different stitches - but I struggled a bit. It might be as I'm left handed, but my piece of work looked a bit lumpy by the end!

However, her home made sponge cake was light, fluffy and delicious. I must confess we spent more time chatting and gossiping rather than crocheting, but it was a fun evening.  

I am going to practice and persevere as my aim is to make a crochet ladybird like the one above!

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