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Friday, 14 July 2017

A small contribution towards ridding the ocean of Microplastics

Image result for rob arnold lego plastic   Image result for rob arnold lego plastic

Reading this recent article in the newspaper about the amount of plastic swilling around in the seas, really bought home about  terrible contamination of the sea and its affect on wildlife. By making art out of all the discarded plastic, Rob Arnold has made an quite an impact.

Plastic is practically indestructible and once in the sea it just gets broken down into smaller pieces known as microplastics

There is a campaign this month to reduce the amount of plastic in the sea and how you can help, especially by stop using 'one use' plastic straws and bottles

Yesterday evening I went to Felixstowe - the view over the beach to the North Sea was lovely, but a closer inspection of the beach showed loads of litter, so I did my bit and picked up this amount in only 5 minutes!

 Yes, there were lots of plastic straws and bottles but also smaller broken pieces that has been washed around in the ocean. There were also odd things like a rubber windscreen wiper blade too!

I collected 3 carrier bags full of rubbish and feel happier that, at least, a small part of the shingle was plastic free for a short while!

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